jueves, 25 de octubre de 2012

I think that my biggest environmentally friendly practices are take care the water. HOW? Turn off the tap water, stay in the shower for less time, not to let water running when I wash my teeth, when my dad is shaving or when irrigate the plants and garden, it is necessary to irrigate in hours of the low sun in order that the water does not evaporate. Moreover, with my family, we collect up the plastic bags in disposable bottles to create: ecological bricks.
On the other hand, I really like ride in bicycle but near of my house, is dangerous ride in the bicycle because not all the drivers respect to the cyclist and the streets haven’t got ways only for the cyclist and in the places that these exist, the people don’t use them well since they travel in them. Moreover, in the public transport I delay very much time in coming even here. So, I went in my car to the University (furthermore, I really want to go in bicycle to the University but the car is so comfortable). In my district, the cycle paths are in construction so, I hope someday come to the University in bicycle for reduce my footprint.       
I didn’t participated in a eco-organization but I want to participate, some day, in Greenpeace because it is a global environmental organization that it take care as the animals as the plants in general, I mean, all the environment       
Santiago isn’t a good place for recycle because it hasn’t a lot of places of recycling and these places are very far. In another way, the containers for recycle glasses, plastics or carton’s boxes are in almost all the supermarket; so to recycle is depend only of our disposal for do it!       

jueves, 18 de octubre de 2012

Voting... a civil action?

As my opinion is important and I can give my and express my opinion I think that the vote isn't a really tool of democracy because we can to decide between candidates that all of them coming to the same place and nobody of them can to see the really necessities of the others class. For that reason, I'm not register voluntarily. Moreover, almost all the candidates and theirs campaigns are very dirty and they contaminate the country whit their faces and promises that hardly ever they keep them. The badly called "politician class" is not more than a lot of persons whit very much money and not so much conscience, I mean, personally I think that is very much important that the persons looking for another ways to express and be conscious that all the actions of the persons can be a politician action, and I don't talk of a partisan politic, but of all the actions that persons can to carry out and there is the most way of fight. I think that the most important, influential and beautiful political action is teaching and no necessarily the teachers have to be politicians. 

For other hand, and assuming that persons must to govern, I think that the politicians shouldn't enjoy of the privileges and excessive salaries. Moreover, they must to work with and for the people and not for theirs pockets but I really think that the people can to organize without politicians or the politic and we can to achieve the auto govern.


jueves, 11 de octubre de 2012

"the march of the penguins", the beginning


Still in the Michelle Bachelet government, this news is about the beginning of the "revolutions of penguins" in June of 2006. It show us a women president just elected in January owing to the fact her proposal focused in human rights, social justice and limiting the powers of the police and intelligence agencies. The entire proposal gives rise to many expectative from the country's middle class. 

For this reason, Coordinating Assembly of Grade School Students called a national strike and the students occupied schools to demand free use of public transport, lower fees for college entrance exams and a voice in government policy. The principal demand is for a potent upgrade of the public school system. The march was called "the march of penguins" owing to the fact that the protesters' school uniforms. In this march has been around 370 persons arrested and the while riots raged for 10 hours in Santiago as police used tear gas and water cannon on marching students.

This marchs and nationals strike has been nearly universal admiration for the students, 87% of Chileans polled saying they support the movement. Moreover, the organisers are very young and organise forums and debate the right to a free education, turning their break into a civics lesson.

Hundreds of colleges are occupied and classes have been cancelled. Alliances between the state schools and pupils in the private education system have erased the usual class lines that mark Chilean social protests.

 The goverment efforts to reach a quick agreement, but the students are insisting for improvement and better solutions.

jueves, 4 de octubre de 2012

My best friend :D

I haven't got a lot of friends, as the saying goes: "not many people but the best people". My best friends names Diego, Dania, Sofia, Josefa and Francisca. In this moment, I talk about Dania because our relationship was beginning very difficult. We were classmate since third grade. Then, we hated us because I thought that she was very "hueca" and she thougtht that I was very nerd. Our hate be last eighth grade and our friendship was created form nothing. We began to speak gradually and today we are the best friends despite her personality. In the school my classmate calls her "the crazy girl" because is very hyperactive, loud-voiced and exaggerate but I love her like this. We learned to love us and understand our personalities. We stay together in the good times or the bad times. We ve' known us for a long time and we were friend for eigth years ago.   
With all my friends we see us continually despite our different hours. Go to holidays together convert in a tradition. The last year, I went whit Sofia, Dania and Josefa to the Quisco beach, it was a good time and many adventures. One day, we stay in the traffic for five hours! And we came just from the Quisco beach! It was terrible but was very funny too: we singed, talking, reveals secrets, everything! Finally, we went to Santiago like 2:00 a.m. but the trip is worth.

Well, i hope you enjoy my story. See you soon :)

jueves, 27 de septiembre de 2012

my best (?) holidays

I don't know if this story is the best holidays but definitely this is the funniest. The 2011' summer almost all my family was in El Quisco beach. Over there I was with seven of my eight cousins, my grandmother, my uncles, my aunts and my mum...we were a lot!!! Our house was very near of the beach, about one block. One day one of my cousins felt very sick, with stomachache and vomits. So, my uncles, very worried, took  my cousin and they went to the El Quisco hospital  and the doctors say that these symptoms were of appendicitis . Then, they went quickly to Santiago for an emergency operation. In the meantime, I felt very sick and lied down in my bed and Josefina (my cousin) bring up... SO, THE CHAOS BEGAN. All my family bring up and the house only had two bathrooms so the fight for its was terrible. My cousins and me were in a bedroom and my mum (the only one in all the house that did't get sick) take care us all the night. Nobody sleep that night. A few days after, the doctors of hospital says that had a lot of persons sick, and there was for a contamination of the sea. 
I repeat, that not the best story but is the funniest and familiar holidays ever. I hope you enjoyed it! See you :)        

  my cousins :)

jueves, 13 de septiembre de 2012

the country that i would like to visit

I would like to know Italy; I think that would be an amazing experience because this country has a lot of history because it was for many years the religious and political center and the shape of the beginning of the western civilization. This country is located in Europe and the capital of it is Rome, It was the capital of Roman Empire. Moreover, Italy has a lot of mystery and intrigue in the largest island of the Mediterranean Sea called Sicily. This island is known because the Sicilian mafia.    

On the other hand, I love the typical food of this country because my grandmother's parents were born there and she always cooks that food. When I was a little girl, my grandma made pasta and the tomato sauce or pesto whit her hand, she didn't buy this. 

For me, Italy has everything that I want: good food, history, beaches, fashion city like Milan and a romantic city like Venice with its canals and gondolas. I would like to travel all over the country and live for a few months.     

Well, I really hope to Italy soon, and I hope would you like to travel for there too... Good bye!

jueves, 6 de septiembre de 2012

My first semester 2012’s experience

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog! In this publication, I'm going to show you my experiences in my first semester of second year of University. In that semester I study a lot of subject, among them are "Pedagogía social" and "Imaginario infantil", there are my favourite ones of this semester. The first one is my favourite  because it showed to us the different forms of educations in other place or context. The second signature I liked because it was about the concept of childhood that the society have. This is reflected even in the most minor details like the means of transport, the sizes of the things in the city, the institutions like the church or, mainly in the school or the family. In all of them becomes in evidence in the day by day of all of us.

Well, I hope to showed  you the signatures most relevant, for me, of this semester. I hope you like it. See you!